Further&Further is a new kind of agency.  

Staffed by senior researchers, creatives and filmmakers, we focus on just your project and we follow the story wherever it takes us.



When we started out in research 30 years ago, things were a little simpler; it was a world where focus groups and the occasional in home interview gave us everything we needed and more.

But now things are different; the world is flipping at a rapid speed, the truth more hidden as a result.

At F&F we do research differently.



The research agency model has flopped. Few have changed to reflect emerging team or client needs, resulting in clients getting the same old approaches and agency teams experiencing burnout.

At F&F our company culture is dedicated to understanding culture, delivering a better product and preserving work life balance.

At F&F we do work differently.



The best research happens when your agency is focused. Really.

So at Further&Further your team focuses on one project at a time; we eat, live and sleep your project until it’s complete.

At F&F we focus on just your project.



When you make a documentary you follow the story wherever it takes you.

At F&F we’re inspired by this approach. When we work on your project we don’t just do the interviews in the ‘sample’, we immerse in the subject and we track down the people that will help us uncover the truth.

At F&F we find the insight behind the insight.



Look no further.
You can find our team below


Ian Pierpoint
Founder and CEO

Ian has 30 years experience of research, strategy and marketing working with brands including MTV, Nike, Unilever, Facebook and Google. 

He has founded and led multiple successful research agencies including The Sound where his vision redefined the industry and he successfully opened 6 offices and built a global team close to 100 people.

He is also an award winning documentary filmmaker and prior to founding Further&Further was Global CMO of Herschel Supply Co. 

Ian considers Further&Further to be the biggest and most exciting idea of his career.

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Sarah Kolar
Managing Director

Sarah has over 10 years of business experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Sarah left the industry in 2012 to travel, explore her creative interests and achieve more balance.  

Via a successful dog walking venture in Wicker Park and a year of volunteering in Montreal she now finds herself running the nuts and bolts of Further&Further.

Sarah is slowly beginning to love spreadsheets again.

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Megan Weisenberger
Chief Strategy Officer

Megan has over 10 years research, strategy and creative experience, working at agencies including The Sound, Fallon and BBDO.

Most recently Megan was a Director at The Sound working on global research projects for clients including AirBnB, Constellation Brands and Dollar Shave Club.

Megan drives Further&Further’s creative output, original content and leads our broadcast documentary film team. 

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Juan Carlos Arreaga
Head of Film

JC has over 10 years experience of documentary filmmaking, directing, editing and producing films for brands including Google, Facebook and Aldo. 

Most recently JC was Lead Editor at The Sound where he managed the editing teams around the world. 

JC drives Further&Further’s new and more authentic approach to documentary filmmaking for brands.  

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Bio Kelvin skull.jpg

Head of Production

Iggy has over 10 years experience of project management and documentary production.

Most recently Iggy was Senior Project Manager at The Sound where she set up and coordinated projects for brands including MillerCoors, Google and Adidas.   

Iggy drives Further&Further’s approach to finding people to take part in our research and documentaries (which starts with actually calling them people…)

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Kelvin Amos
Managing Director, Europe

Kelvin brings 10 years of cultural insight and content creation experience to the agency, with director roles at at Crowd DNA, global marketing agency, SevenC3, and the London-based trends consultancy, Protein.

He's worked with a range of global brands (Nike, MTV, Diageo, Spotify, Adidas and Converse to name a few), collaborated with a host of forward-thinking agencies, and is an accomplished qualitative researcher.

Kelvin leads our European business (working out of London), while collaborating with the rest of the global Further&Further team.

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Montréal, QC H2J 3H8


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Come back here in 2019 to check out our original content from the fringes of global culture. 

We will go further and further to bring you the stories that are changing the world.